studio 1.2


I now have a dedicated working space at Banks Mill Studios in Derby. This amazing old victorian building is a hub for creative people stretched onto 5 floors. It’s a perfect fit, and has made a huge difference to me and my creativity.

I have lived and worked in Derby for a number of years as a freelance graphic designer and cartographer, but I was born and grew up in the South-West of France in Pau near the Pyrénées mountains. I still have a passion for arts and crafts and have turned my hand to many, including appliqué, embroidery, pottery, sculpture, stained glass to name just a few.

After experimenting, I discovered that I could use a scalpel to illustrate my ideas. I practiced, and always aspiring to create more and more challenging designs as I went.

I love the clean, sharp lines and contrasts the blade creates. However, this needed colour in my view, and because of my background with appliqué and embroidery, using fabrics was almost inevitable. All those fabulous colourful textiles were right next to me! This technique of mixing fabrics and card, is fairly unique, and perhaps my personality was coming through.

The textiles I use are mainly cotton/linen, sometimes hand-dyed too if I can’t find the right shade.

I get a lot of inspiration from nature and architecture, but have also been experimenting with abstract compositions recently. I look forward to be able to attend art fairs and art trails again, in the mean time I shall try to build up a nice gallery of work.