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Hand-cut Paper and Fabric

The art of paper cutting together with colourful and textured plain fabrics is quite unique. I use many repurposed vibrant and interesting fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills. Is is always fascinating to me what can be achieved without the need to use paint. In some of my most recent work, the Horizon Collection, I have tried to capture the spirit and mood of landscapes from Derbyshire and further afield, through my choice of colour and texture.

Currently working from my studio at Banks Mill, Derby, Derbyshire. Not all originals or prints are on the website, so get in touch if you have seen something not on here or even better find out where I am exhibiting next and come and see my work for yourself.  I also welcome commissions, please contact me for more information. Originals can also be delivered free of charge, based on where you live.
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Market day in Summer


Day in London


Weight of Expectations


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About Zaza Lewis

About Zaza Lewis

I am a freelance graphic designer but has also specialised in historical map making for publishers worldwide. My passion was always drawing and anything to do with textiles. And this is how my creative journey began…


Clementines at Borough Market

Buddleia with Cardinal Butterflies

Roof Tops in Southwest France

Champ de Tournesols