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Hand-cut paper and fabric collages

I’ve often been asked what am I trying to say through my work. Essentially, I want to pass on a sense of joy. It’s all too easy to be cynical and depressed about what’s going on in the world and I want to show a brighter more optimistic vision … the wonder and excitement of capturing that perfect moment! The medium in which I work lends itself to depicting these idealised, slightly naive illustrations and the bold colours of the fabrics help to further enhance the vibrancy of the images in my head.

I am trying to capture the precious and happy moments from my everyday life, whether it be from my garden or a local market, a walk in the fields or in a city – or even if I receive a bunch of flowers. I will often also use white, or a lack of colour, to help the picture breathe. A bit like a pause, a comma, or a full stop in a sentence. A breathing space is necessary, so the contrasts and colours become even more important.

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Currently working from my studio at Banks Mill, Derby, Derbyshire. Not all originals or prints are on the website, so get in touch if you have seen something not on here. Also happy to discuss commission work. Originals can also be delivered free of charge, based on where you live, so please contact me.


Sunny Afternoon


Horizons Somerset


Horizons Derbyshire Dales

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About Zaza Lewis

About Zaza Lewis

I have lived and worked in England for a number of years as a freelance graphic designer and also specialising in historical map making. I was born and grew up in the South-West of France in Pau near the Pyrénées mountains, and I frequently visit family there. Those amazing varied landscapes and colours have been a source of inspiration from the start.


Clementines at Borough Market

Buddleia with Cardinal Butterflies

Roof Tops in Southwest France

From Cobbled Street to Derbyshire Hills