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Mixed Media & Textile Artist

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to my website.
I am a self-taught artist, whose career as a graphic designer together with a passion for textiles, has influenced and shaped the style of my work. I wanted to explore textile art until I found something that felt fresh and challenging. Lots of things inspire me, but the question is, can I do it, and do it well?

I added hand-cut paper to my skills, which I thought would compliment the fabrics, create colour as well as sharp contrasts and depth.

I was born in South-West France and have moved and lived in Derbyshire since I was 18. You will see both my French roots and my adopted country – including my own garden – reflected in my work. After 4 years as a Banks Mill studios tenant, I am delighted to be now working from my garden studio in Derby.

Me, on the right – Winner of the LongCliffe Award 2024 for “Wildflower Meadow”


HZ 39_ Derbyshire

Sunny Day in Cornwall


Single Tree Corn Fields



Buddleia with Cardinal Butterflies

Roof Tops in Southwest France

Rue des Deux Ponts in Paris

From Cobbled Street to Derbyshire Hills