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 Welcome to my website!
A scalpel, scissors and an array of textiles are mostly all I need to create my pictures, and I like the extra challenge of not using paint. People tell me how seeing my work makes them feel happy! I welcome that!
However tempting it is to only talk just about the technique, I like variety and am just as comfortable illustrating landscapes, architecture or iron roof structures as I am with flowers or fruits and green plants.
You can see both my French roots and recently much more of my adopted country reflected in my work. I have a fabulous studio amongst the creative community of Banks Mill in Derby.

Not all my originals pieces are on the website, so get in touch if you have questions. Prices vary depending on size and complexity from £260 up to £1,500. Click on the images to find out price. I am also happy to take on commission work too.
Delivery options are available for originals, please use the contact form.
Happy browsing!


Clementines and Grapes


Bowl of Cherries


Tuscan Field

studio 1.2


I now have a dedicated working space at Banks Mill Studios in Derby. This amazing old victorian building is a hub for creative people stretched onto 5 floors. It’s a perfect fit, and has made a huge difference to me.

I have lived and worked in Derby for a number of years as a freelance graphic designer and cartographer, but I was born and grew up in the South-West of France in Pau near the Pyrénées mountains.


Place du Marche


Roof Tops in Southwest France


Two Trees Flower Meadow

£50.00 £25.00

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