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Zaza is an artist that uses fabrics, beyond their simple forms, to create unique, textured and colourful illustrations without the need to use paint. Her medium has evolved from a passion of textiles mixed with an eye for detail as a graphic designer. She works from a studio amongst the creative community of Banks Mill in Derby.

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Horizons Series IV


Horizons Series III – Shropshire


Horizons Series I – Wye Valley


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About Zaza Lewis

About Zaza Lewis

I now have a dedicated working space at Banks Mill Studios in Derby. This amazing old victorian building is a hub for creative people stretched onto 5 floors. It’s a perfect fit, and has made a huge difference to me.
I am a freelance graphic designer who also specialised in historical map making. However, ma passion was always art and mainly anything to do with textiles.


Clementines at Borough Market

Buddleia with Cardinal Butterflies

Roof Tops in Southwest France

Champ de Tournesols