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Nov 2023 “We first saw Zaza Lewis’s work in 2019 and I finally have given a home to one of her pieces. It prompts many happy memories of the time we have spent in the Netherlands”

The Zaza Room as it is now called.

At the top of the stairs, someone thinks it’s the perfect fit.

“…My wife has brought the picture we purchased home and it’s wonderful. I’m very happy with it and we’re thinking hard about where to hang it “

Dear Zaza I am pleased to report that your lovely picture has been installed in our new room this evening…You can see that the wall was built specially to take the fire and the picture. Best wishes for your continued success

Bonsall landscape sold in 2022 looking lovely in a Bonsall house

Cherries on Blue linen all the way from Colorado, USA: “…finally had the cherries framed and I just love it! They look as though they always should have been in that spot. ❤️”

Sold at Patchings festival 2023


Art Surrey 2023

Original art

Original artwork………” We all love it! I’ve been looking for something I really loved for a very long time. Am sooo pleased to have found ‘Riverside’…Thank you so much!” D. from Clapham